Frequent Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Do you have any questions? Maybe the FAQ can help. Otherwise our support staff is available to help you.

General Questions

What is the meaning of FIS, MFA and Maxi-Dot?
FIS is the german shortcut for the Audi "Driver (Fahrer) Information System". Sometimes it is also called DIS. It stands for the display at the tacho which shows several data of the car. The common name for VW is MFA, "Multi Fuction Display (Anzeige)". Skoda uses the name MaxiDot.

Questions to Functionality

I have retrofitted my navigation system. Is is however possible to use a FISCON Bluetooth handsfree?
It doen´t matter if the navigation system was installed from factory or retrofitted. It is even not important if the navigation system is normally compatible to the car. In that case and depending on the car the operation from the multifunction steering wheel or the data on the FIS display could be not available. The operation from the navigation system itself is always working.

I don´t have a multifunction steering wheel. How can I operate a FISCON Plus handsfree for Audi A3 (8P), A4 (8E), A6 (4B) and TT (8J)?
With a RNS-E or BNS 5.0 navigation you can control the FISCON handsfree. To start the A2DP music stream and adjust the microphone volume use the phone. All other functions are working with that configuration. So a multifunction steering wheel is not requisite.

I intend to retrofit a supported radio later. Which FISCON version should I buy?
It is recommended to buy already now a Plus handsfree. All Basic functions are integrated. After retrofitting a supported radio you will benefit also from the extra functions.

What are the advantages against a rSAP (VW Premium) handsfree?
rSAP stores the calling lists and SMS on the car and not on the cellphone. The drawback is that after leaving the car that data are no longer available, e.g. for a call back. FISCON uses the cellphone for the transmission of all data and stores them there. FISCON uses the HFP protocol, the main advantage is that even more cellphones are compatible, also iPhone and Blackberry phones.

I store a large company phonebook on my telefone. Is it possible to syncronize just a part of the records to FISCON?
Some phones allow to transfer a selection of records only. E.g. Blackberry cellphones are able to transfer contacts which are marked as favourites in Outlook and ignore other contacts. To activate this feature check the bluetooth connection profile for FISCON on the phone.

Questions to Installation

Is it difficult to install a FISCON Bluetooth handsfree?
The handsfree has to be connected with the Plug&Play harness, depending on the car, either behind the radio or CD-changer. It doen´t matter if a special amplifier is installed or the car communicates with fibre optic wires. The voice output always uses the speakers of the car.

Is coding required and how can I do that?

Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda cars do not require coding until modelyear 2010. The installation is real Plug&Play. If no menu topic in the MFA is available in cars since modelyear 2010, coding is required to activate it.

On your Audi you normally need to enable the phone functions if no other handsfree was installed yet from factory. In some cars FISCON Basic works without coding. If you can see the FISCON functions in the FIS, no coding is required.

Mercedes cars always require coding. In some carswhich already have a fiber optic component installed (e.g. E-Class with navigation), the partial functionallity is there right after the installation.

At BMW/MINI vehicles, FISCON can do the coding automatically. No extra coding and no visit of a BMW dealer is required.

To enable the functions your car dealer or workshop connects the diagnostics tool and sets the codes as instructed in the manual. With VAG-Com (VCDS) for VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat you can make that by yourself.

What happens to my currently installed handsfree?

Old systems which sends data into the CAN-Bus have to be disabled. It is not required to remove them completely from the car. Just remove the fuse or the connector of the phone interface. The phone interface is located below the front passenger seat in most of the cases.

Can I use the OEM Audi, VW, Skoda or Mercedes microphone installed from factory?
No, these microphones are not compatible.

A already have a OEM handsfree. Is coding required?
In the most cases the coding is already correct. If you can see data on the FIS-Display and on the navigation system nothing else is required.

Questions to Updates

I miss some functions on my new cellphone or some phone functions do not work well. Do you recommend an update of the FISCON Firmware?
Yes, if something does not work on a new cellphone we recommend a firmware update of the FISCON interface. FISCON handsfree kits are continuously being adapted to new cellphones. The code SWPX.XX on the housing (sometimes P-Board X.XX) and on the "Version Info" screen on the Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat MFA informs about the installed firmware for the phone compatibility.

Can I install the firmware to future development stages of the FISCON car compatibility by myself?
No, only we can upgrade the car-compatibility firmware. If that is required e.g. after changing the car you can use our updateservice.

Is it required to remove the module from the car to install a phone-compatibility update?
No. Just sit inside the car with a bluetooth notebook or Android device, connect to the FISCON unit and launch the update tool.

Do you recommend to install the update using Android or Windows?

We recommend the Android update method as it is easier. With Windows notebooks recently difficulties with firewall or security setting can happen.

The Windows update tool interrups close before uploading the update.
With Windows Vista, Windows 7 and some XP versions you need to connect the FISCON module prior to the Windows Bluetooth management (confirm with password 1234) before launching the update tool.

I activated the update mode on the car by mistake. Since that all functions are dead and the FIS shows "SWUPDATE".
The FISCON interface is waiting for incomming updates. You can´t manually cancel that mode. After a time-out FISCON returns to the normal mode. You don´t need to do anything than wait.

I have a retrofitted Bluetooth USB Dongle with the Software "Blue Soleil". The Windows update tool does not recognize the Bluetooth connection.

In "Blue Soleil" assign the Bluetooth connection to a virtual COM port, e.G. COM7. Afterwards select this port in our Windows update tool.


I installed the FISCON handsfree to the car but I can´t access the phone section of the infotainment system.
The phone has to be connected to FISCON. This precedure is called pairing and is explained in the FISCON manual. Connect from the phone to FISCON, not other direction. Also it is possible that the coding has not been done, yet.

Some functions are not available.
Not all cellphones or their firmware levels support functions like A2DP MP3 musicstreaming or supplying phonebook data. If you cellphone has an old firmware level we recommend an update of that firmware. Oftentimes an update of the FISCON firmware (SWP) is helpful if the phone is quite new. We recommend to test with a 2nd phone to narrow down the possible reasons for the behaviour.

The Audi FIS-Display shows "PHONE" but no names and phone numbers.
Coding of the car is required. That is a quite simple procedure which takes only a few minutes. You can let that do at a car dealer or workshop or by yourself if you own VAG-Com (VCDS).

I have a VW. At the tacho unit I don´t see additional menu topics. The operation on the touchscreen is possible and I can make a call.

It is required to make the coding of the car. Also you should check whether your MFA+ display is supported.

The voice is interrupded, the radio is blinking.
If you have a OEM handsfree installed at the same time you need to remove the fuse or connector of the phone interface. Otherwise the old handsfree can disturb the communication.

I own a Nokia S60 Series Telefone (e.g. E52). I can´t see the phonebook and calling lists.

The phone does not release the data. A Tool from Nokia enables the transfer of the data. Install the tool on your telephone and connect it again to your FISCON handsfree.

Details to the Software:
Nokia 810 Contact Download Application for Nokia S60 3.2 edition devices
3-Mar-2009 | 104.50 KB | English

I own a Android Telefone. I can´t establish a connection.

First make a FISCON factory reset as it is possible that already 5 phones are paired which is the limit. Try again to connect.

Some versions of Android use a deviate pairing method. This can cause the problem of a failing connection. The solution is the free tool Bluetooth File Transfer (Android) for a better Bluetooth connection. It is available at Google Play. Establish the pairing once with this app and from then, everything should work as normal.

In addition an update for the FISCON firmware can fix the problem.

I have a phone with Android 4.0.4., e.g. Samsung Galaxy S2. The transfer of the phonebook fails and recently I get a message like "Bluetooth Transfer stopped" on the phone.

The reason of the sync problem is an Android bug which does not affect all phones. To fix it make this change on the phone:
Settings -> - Applications Manager -> - Tab "All" Applications -> Open "LogsProvider" -> - Click on Button "Clear Data"

Some or all Phonebook records are not displayed correctly. The first name of the person stands on the position of his phonenumber.
On some cellphones special characters (e.g. comma) in the phonebook record can disturb the correct syncronisation. In that case remove these characters.

I can´t establish a call from the vehicle.

Test if special characters like "( , -" were stored in the phonenumber. Test if it makes a difference with or without the county prefix (e.g. +49).
At Android devices a failed connection can happen if it is not assigned to the standard app of phone or if the phone asks for alternative methods to handle the call.

I have a BMW. After the installation no new functions are visible. I can´t connect the phone.

In seldom cases unnecessary fiber wires can be connected from factory to the radio without a device on the other side. Use the included loop connector to bypass the fiber wires of the car and to close the ring.
If it still does not work, check whether the radio sends light signals. If there is no light at all please contact our support.

I have a BMW. I can connect the phone but I don´t see the phone section of the infotainment system.

The coding failt. Start a new coding and refer to the manual. If the radio afterwards does not start automatically, wait until it sleeps after about 10 minutes.

I have a BMW. The phonebook does not show up.

In seldom cases the phonebook transfer can fail at a special number of contacts. Add 1-3 contacts to your phone and try again.

I have a VW RCD-310. The A2DP audio streaming does not work.

A2DP must be activated with a setup code according to the manual. Furthermore BT-Audio must be activated at the radio setup and Aux must be deactivated.