• FISCON Software Updates
    Software Updates
  • FISCON Hardwareversion I
    FISCON Hardwareversion I
  • FISCON Hardwareversion II, Fiber Ring
    FISCON Hardwareversion II, Fiber Ring
  • FISCON Hardwareversion II, CAN-Bus
    FISCON Hardwareversion II,

Software Updates

Why is a continuing development of the interfaces so important?

Adaption to new phones and standards.
Enlarges operating life after replancement of a device.
High resale value, minimal technical obsolescence.
Planning certainty, no new installation after changing a device required.
Possibilities of updates.

FISCON Bluetooh products become consistently adapted to new phones and standards.

As a FISCON owner, you have the ability to benefit from updates with minimal effort. Each FISCON handsfree kit contains two different firmwares; one for cellphone compatibility and the other for vehicle communication protocols.

Update of the Phone compatibility Firmware

By establishing a Bluetooth connection from a notebook computer or an Android device to the FISCON kit, you can install an update easily and quickly by yourself. It is not necessary to remove the interface from the car and the procedure requires only a few minutes.

Download: FISCON Phone Firmware 3.126 (Hardwareversion I)
Manual: Update Firmware via Bluetooth

Download: FISCON Phone Firmware 3.316 (Hardwareversion II)
Manual: Update Firmware via Bluetooth

List of supported cellphones

Important Warning:
Never try to install an update which does not match to your hardwareversion. That can destroy your device!

It is possible that during the update process a wrong message tells you that the firmware would be older than the currently installed firmware. This message can get ignored.

On questions to updates we recommend to visit our FAQ.

Update of the vehicle compatibility firmware

An update is rarely required, normally only after installing FISCON into a new car where the manufacturer makes changes to the vehicle electronics. The firmware can also be updated when new features are added which are not specific to your cellphone. To obtain this update, it is necessary to remove and send the interface (without cables) to our support group. For a small fee of 29€ (plus return shipping costs), we can upgrade your FISCON handsfree if it was bought directly from our company.